Angular 2 with ngrx/store

We've recently been working on a couple different Angular 2 projects using ngrx/store, a way to design your app with a central store for all of your app state similar to Redux.  To share some of our experiences, I gave a presentation at the Boise Frontend Development meetup.

Here is a link to the Angular 2 ngrx/store presentation slides and the Github repo demo branch.

State of Angular Presentation

This past week, Andrew Chumich and I gave a presentation on the State of Angular at the Boise Frontend Development meetup.  Covers our observations from ng-conf 2016 and some of the exciting features we learned about, and new projects in the Angular ecosystem that are going to be significant.

Some of our favorite new Angular 2 features are:

Addition to AngularJS Component Refactoring Presentation

After creating my initial AngularJS Component Refactoring presentation, which explained how to refactor your Angular 1.x apps to use component-based design, there were some new developments in Angular that fit nicely as a next step. Angular 1.5 was released, which added a component function that is basically a more simple form of a directive like we refactored to in the presentation.

AngularJS 1.x Component-based Design

With all the talk about Components being the future of the web, and frameworks like React and Angular 2 using them so prominently, why do we have to wait? Why can't we start refactoring our Angular 1.x apps right now to use the new design practices in these up an coming frameworks? Well, we can take some baby steps towards refactoring our Angular 1.x apps to take advantage of a Component-like design.

AngularJS Guest Lecture at Boise State University

It's never too early to learn AngularJS. I am giving an AngularJS guest lecture at Boise State University for the Enterprise Web Development class

The link to the slides used in my presentation is here.



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