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18 Questions to Ask Before Adding New Tech to your Web App

Adding a new piece of technology to your web application is not a consideration to take lightly.  There are a lot of factors to consider that can slow down or doom a project if the proper evaluation is not given up front.  In the end, you want the long term benefit to be worth it, but not derail any short term milestones.

23 Questions your Web Project Requirements Should Answer

When you are writing your requirements for your next web project, here are some handy questions to ask yourself to make sure that you are doing an effecitve job.  Being a web developer myself, I've seen a lot of variety of requirements from different clients.  From no requirements, to well thought-out and concise requirements.  Realize, that projects with no requirements always end up with requirements by the time we are done discussing your project, so just do them ahead of time.

Using Firebug to Figure Out Why Your Website Is Running Slow

When trying to figure out why a web site is running slow, the first place I start is pulling up Firebug, a plugin for Firefox, the web developer's utility belt.

Why do I use Firebug?

Its the quickest way to narrow down your search without having to log into your web server, and we all are interested in saving time.  Its also free and it has matured so much over the years that it really is amazing how it can improve your debug skills.

How Do You Know Your Site is Slow?


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