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Drupal Performance Tuning Presentation Slides From Boise Code Camp 2013

As requested and promised, here are the slides from my Drupal Performance Tuning presentation at Boise Code Camp 2013.

Definitely appreciated all of the questions and great discussions and ideas from everyone in the presentation. Hope that everybody learned something to take back and solve any Drupal performance problems that you have.

Drupal Performance Tuning Presentation Slides

10 Ways to Improve Drupal 7 Performance on Shared Web Hosting

When you look to improve performance of your Drupal 7 site when it is on a shared web hosting plan, you are limited in options due to the nature of shared hosting.  Many of the performance optimization options you would have if you were on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or on your own dedicated hosting box are not available.

Some of the reasons why you are limited in a shared web hosting plan:

Improving Drupal Performance After the Initial Page Request

When investigating performance problems of a web site, its helpful to split the problem up into two areas:

Improving the Performance of Drupal's Initial Page Request

When troubleshooting performance problems with any web site, I first look at the problem to try and break it down into pieces.  Where is the biggest problem?  One tool I use to do that is Firebug.  If you don't know much about Firebug, read my article Using Firebug to Figure out Why Your Website is Running Slow.

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